Open data

The Plantin-Moretus Museum dataset consists of metadata and images and is accessible in two different ways: via the Adlib API that produces XML data and as an Open Dataset.

All the object descriptions (metadata) are made available under CC0. This means that the data can be copied, modified, distributed and exported, even for commercial purposes. The images come under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

The Plantin-Moretus Museum appreciates being mentioned as the source of information. The correct way of formulating this is: Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp.

We would like to be informed of any applications developed using the data retrieved from

Adlib API

The Adlib API can be accessed via
The database can be searched using the Adlib API and the results are in the form of XML files. There is a separate website with documentation on the Adlib API at

Here are some examples of queries:"Vos, Maerten De" retrieves all the results where the creator is Maerten De Vos."Prenten (grafiek)" shows all the prints.

The following fields are available:

Descriptive fields:

<priref> The priref is the record number of the object and the unique identifier in the database
<object_number> Object number
<alternative_number> Catalogue number
<title> Title of the work
<title.translation> Translated title of the work
<description> Description of the work
<creator> Creator of the work
<creator.qualifier> How the creator is related to the work (after, attributed to, etc.)
<creator.role> Role of the creator (engraver, publisher, etc.)
<> Earliest production date
<> Exactness of the earliest production date (circa)
<> Latest production date
<> Exactness of the latest production date (circa)
<> Place where the work was made
<production.period> Period when the work was made
<object_name> Type (print, drawing, watercolour, etc.)
<collection> Early (before 1800) or modern work
<material> Materials
<technique> Techniques
<dimension.value> Dimensions – value
<dimension.unit> Dimensions – unit
<dimension.part> Dimensions – part
<inscription.content> Inscription
<inscription.position> Position of inscription
<> Acquisition date


Bibliographic data:

<documentation.page_reference> Volume, page, etc. of bibliographic data
<brocade> Link to brocade (Anet library system)
<documentation.title> Title


Related objects

<related_object.reference> Object number of related object
<related_object.title> Title of related object
<part_of_reference> Object number of the work of which the object is a part
<part_of_title> Title of the work of which the object is a part



<reproduction.reference> Name of the accompanying media file
<reproduction.identifier_URL> Link to the image

Remaining fields are not relevant or are only available to a limited extent.

Linked Data

Since 2012, the museum dataset has also been available at and as CSV, json or xml files.

download csv
download json
download xml

The datasets are also available as subcollections (early and modern drawings, early and modern prints):

download xml
download xml
download xml
download xml

download xml