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Museum Plantin-Moretus Online Collection

The valuable collections held by the Plantin-Moretus Museum are enormously varied. They relate to the business management and family life of Christopher Plantin and his successors, the Moretuses. Next to the typographical collections, which originate from printing activities (such as punches, matrices, dies, type cases, woodblocks, copperplates, etc.), you will also find descriptions of furniture and paintings.

The Print Room contains a rich collection of old drawings and prints by Antwerp masters from the sixteenth century until 1800. In addition, it collects modern and contemporary work by Antwerp artists. Works by Rubens, Bruegel, Tuymans, and Panamarenko are stored next to one another. The Print Room is ranked among the 50 most important print rooms worldwide.

Requesting objects for consultation in the reading room
First you have to register as a visitor of the reading room. The registration procedure is explained here. Once you are registered, you can request objects by sending an e-mail to in which you list the object numbers of the objects you would like to look at in the reading room.

PK.OP.06186 Keizer Karel [prent]
PK.MT.00013 De opvoeding van keizer Karel [tekening]
MPM.KP.0061.C Keizer Karel V [koperplaat]
MPM.HB.02364 Medaillonportret van keizer Karel V [houtblok]

Collections described elsewhere
The library with its 25,000 old printed works and 638 manuscripts, is made accessible on Antwerp’s Anet library network. The museum website provides inventories of the company and family archives.

Do you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phoning the reading room +32 3 221 14 56.