Museum Plantin-Moretus/Prentenkabinet online catalogue
The museum collection
The valuable collections held by the Plantin-Moretus Museum are enormously varied. They relate to the business management and family life of Christopher Plantin and his successors, the Moretuses.
This website makes a considerable proportion of these unique collections accessible, including the printing plates, presses, dies, type cases, composing sticks, stamps and matrices, furniture, prints and drawings, paintings. The library, however, with its 25,000 old printed works and 638 manuscripts, is made accessible on Antwerp’s Anet library network. The museum website provides inventories of the company and family archives.

The collection of the Print Room
The Print Room contains a rich collection of old drawings and prints by Antwerp masters from the sixteenth until the eighteenth century. In addition, it collects modern and contemporary work by Antwerp artists. Works by Rubens, Breughel, Tuymans, and Panamarenko are stored next to one another. With a collection of more than 75,000 objects, the Print Room is ranked among the 50 most important print rooms worldwide.

What is currently online?
To manage this large collection, digitization has been a central focus for several years. Work on the continued recording and digitization of the collection using our Adlib Museum collection management system is going on all the time. Because of copyright regulations, only a limited number of photos of the collection of modern prints and drawings are currently online. Via this website it is possible to search the database in its present state and reserve works for consultation in the reading room.

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